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Wed Jul  6 19:19:18 UTC 2022
"E pur si muove" created included
   Opens Jupyter Lab on browser.
Wed Jun 29 01:05:12 UTC 2022
"... a solid composed of atoms arranged in a pattern periodic in three dimensions..."
straylight.nm: updated created created
   Calls kristall (gemini browser).
Tue Jun 28 00:16:40 UTC 2022
"palavras, apenas, palavras pequenas, palavras..." created included
   Calls kate editor.
Wed Jun 22 02:06:10 UTC 2022
"a cowboy's work is never done" updated
hipnos.nm: updated created included
   Calls inkscape vector graphics editor. created included
   Calls okular reader.
Tue Jun 14 01:29:02 UTC 2022
"brain salad surgery" created
kelloggs.nm: created
   elogind configuration file. created
hipnos.nm: created
   Script that defines actions before hibernation and after resume. created included
   Take and shows a print screen (screenshot). created included
   Calls kcalc.
Tue May 31 18:31:53 UTC 2022
"do or do not... there is no try." created included
   Initiates superuser session. created included
   Calls chrome browser.
Tue Mar 15 02:40:19 UTC 2022
"a keystroke is powerful than a mouse click"
imago/keyboard.svg: included
imago/babel.png: included created
amitis.nm: included
   Configures hotkey map viewer. created included
   Shows hotkey map.
Fri Mar 11 02:34:38 UTC 2022
"...connection lost..." created
zion.nm: created
   List known wifi connections. created included
   Activates wireless preseted connections.
Tue Mar  8 02:11:40 UTC 2022
"I'll be back" created included
   Calls urxvt terminal simulator. created
conroy.nm: included
   Configures Xdefaults file.
Sat Mar  5 17:54:48 UTC 2022
"All decks... all decks... damage reports"
tuner.nm: updated created created
   Battery check. created included
   Temperature check.
Sat Mar  5 02:07:46 UTC 2022
"Orders are orders..."
straylight.nm: updated created included
   Pavucontrol hotkeys. created included
   Execute power up and down protocols. created
uhura.wm: included
   Power events message manager.
imago/icons.svg: created
   Original file of incons.
imago/*.ico: created
   Notification icons.
Thu Mar  3 18:59:14 UTC 2022
"You are a git, you know that?"
Slackware padme project repository
created on (private). 
Thu Feb 24 01:07:35 UTC 2022
"Let's talk about art... what is art?" created created
   Wallpaper manager.
imago/backgrounds.svg: included
   Original file of slackware.padme wallpapers.
imago/padmebg[01-16].png: included
   slackware.padme wallpapers.
Wed Feb  9 00:45:40 UTC 2022
"Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing" created created created
aarao.wm: included
   Produces slackware.padme voice output. created
r2d2.nm: included
   Configuration for conky monitor software.
Tue Feb  8 03:01:59 UTC 2022
"ID, please" created created included
   Collects startup/resume info.
Mon Feb  7 01:37:37 UTC 2022
"All is flux. Nothing stays still (Heraclitus)" created
turner.nm: included
   Configures startup file of fluxbox. created
finn.nm: included
   Configures apps file of fluxbox. created
garvey.nm: included
   Configures windowmenu file of fluxbox. created
ashpools.nm: included
   Configures menu file of fluxbox. created
armitage.nm: included
   Configures theme file of fluxbox. created
straylight.nm: included
   Configures keys file of fluxbox. created
tessier.nm: included
   Configures init file of fluxbox.
Sun Feb  6 03:22:56 UTC 2022
"have no clue" created
clu.nm: created
   Defines bashrc instructions, including aliases for hitman scripts.
Sat Feb  5 20:40:15 UTC 2022
"whata bunch of letters..." created
M.nm: created
   Configure rc.M boot script. created
N.nm: created
   Network and conncetions initialization script. created
U.nm: created
   Update initialization script. created
L.nm: created
   Local system initialization script. created
setterm.nm: created
   Provides the command line for the setterm utility.
Sat Feb  5 01:11:14 UTC 2022
"harder better faster stronger" created included created created created
dozer.nm: included
   Define keyboard configuration in X. created
apoc.nm: included
   Menu interface for elilo bootloader. created
morpheus.nm: included
   Configures elilo bootloader.
Fri Feb  4 18:08:36 UTC 2022
"keep going" created
bookmaker/man: created included
   Prepares man pages drafts.
Fri Feb  4 15:38:16 UTC 2022
"first things first"
neuromancer dir: created
wintermute dir: created
hitman dir: created
bookmaker dir: created
imago dir: created
Wed Feb  2 22:22:22 UTC 2022
"fiat lux"
changelog.padme: created
padme dir: created

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