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Slackware padme is a fancy name for a bunch of shell-scripts, that I use in daily life. There are scripts for a lot of things! One script to say "Hello" when the computer starts, another to connect to the internet, another to check the battery, one for open each application that I use, and so on. Also, there are some configuration files: rc.d scripts, fluxbox files, conky files and so on. There are images too. To organise all that, I have a few categories, creatively named. The neuromancer category is formed by configurations files. The bookmaker category is devoted to scripts that run in background, monitoring the system and collecting information.In hitman category are all scripts that actually "do something", like open applications, manipulate files, etc. The wintermute category is devoted to communication and speech simulation. The imago files are images, like notifications, backgrounds, etc. The sourcerymouth files are packages necessary for the Slackware padme to work, but are not included on Slackware Linux.

Each category has its own extension (*.nm,*.bm,*.hm,*.wm,*.im, and *.sm respectivelly). Each text file has a header with seven lines, to give information about it. The first line is reserved to file type (e.g. #text, #!/bin/sh, #html). Second line shows the name and category of file (e.g. # kronos dot bookmaker). Third line presents a description of file function (e.g. # Run urxvt). Fourth line specify the stardate (date +%y%m.%d) of file creation/modification. Fifth line shows author and email. Sixth line has observations about origin, old versions, etc. And seventh line shows notes about copies, links, ownership changes, etc. that must be performed with the file. For example, here is the header of M.nm:

# M dot neuromancer
# Configures rc.M boot script.
# stardate 2007.18
# carriunix {at gmail dot com}
# Original script by Fred N. van Kempen, heavily modified by Patrick Volkerding.
# This file must be copied as executable to /etc/rc.d/rc.M

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